The main goals and tasks of the BUNCOLD, which it successfully fulfills, are as follows:

(1) Exchange of scientific research, technical and economic knowledge and experience in research, design, research, construction and operation of dams, dam facilities, tailings ponds and slag dumps, with respect to their safety, economy and social and ecological expediency.

(2) Organization of national congresses, conferences and seminars on dams and related scientific technical, water management, ecological and other problems.

(3) Increasing the qualifications of experts working in the field of dams.

(4) Dissemination of information on dams, including released materials of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD).

(5) Realization of national and international relations with related organizations and institutions. To achieve its goals, the BUNCOLD uses the following means: organizing the exchange of experience and knowledge on research, design, research, construction and operation of dams, tailings ponds and slag dumps through meetings, public discussions, seminars and conferences, at which the information materials of the ICOLD, the problems of our dams and dam construction, the problems of individual dams are discussed. Discussion of norms and guidelines, discussion of novelties in dam construction, methodical assistance to state bodies and all companies for the design, construction and operation of dams are carried out, too. Related institutions involved in the safety and environmental protection of dams are consulted as well as the work of Technical Committees on particular problems.

At the beginning of June 2008, the BUNCOLD organized and held the 76th Annual Meeting of ICOLD in Sofia. The event coincided with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the BUNCOLD. Every year, within the World Water Day, the Society holds scientific and technical conferences on current problems of science and practice in Hydraulic Engineering. In its activity, the Society works together with the Ministry of environment and water, the Ministry of regional development and public works, NEK EAD - Enterprise "Dams and Cascades", Irrigation Systems EAD, "Energoekspert and many other companies and bodies in this field. The Society is managed by a National Committee with a Chairman, two Vice-chairmen and a Secretary. The Chairman of the BUNCOLD currently is Prof. Dr. Eng. Dimitar Kisliakov.

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